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New Highlights

Date : March 9, 2015
PNR & Indian Rail Enquiry
Version 3.7
What's New
★ Access Full Train running status (Fast, easy & less buggy)
★ Arrival/Departure and Train schedule bug fixed
★ Auto fetch status by entering 5 digit of train number or selecting
★ Now no need to update app for small bug fixes we will do it for you
Date : September 07, 2014
PNR & Indian Rail Enquiry PRO
Version 2.6
What's New
★ Urgent Arrival/Departure Bug fixed
★ Train running status improved
★ Redefined Cancelled Trains App View
★ Redefined train schedule
★ Other minor bugs fixed
Date : August 9, 2014
Android App Manager (Free)
Version 1.8
What's New
★ minor bug fixed.
★ loading apps is faster than it was before.